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Express Medical Transporters is Missouri’s largest transportation company specializing in non-emergency transportation, fixed route demand response, and student transportation in the St. Louis area doing thousands of trips per year. With over 150 vehicles on the road each day and with state of the art computerized dispatching, EMT is your right choice for any of your transportation needs. Including courier service EMT covers over a 150 mile radius of St. Louis, Missouri.

SERVICE IS OUR COMMITMENT | Please note that EMT Metro East franchisee operates an independent franchise of EMT USA, LLC

We understand your needs and are committed to providing the highest level of service to meet those needs. Express Medical Transporters has been in business for over twelve years. In that time, our business has grown from a single van to an operation of over 150 specialty vehicles dedicated to serving the needs of the physically challenged. We meet those needs with dignity and dedication. Give us the opportunity to prove ourselves to you. Call today and allow us to do the driving.

We also offer a full fleet of limousines and party buses, for all occasions.  Our inventory also consists of coach buses as well for your big group trips.  We have professional drivers for all of our vehicles.

Whatever It Takes Is Our Motto

We do not care what it takes, we will come through for you no matter what! We have had vehicles break down and had to rent a limousine just to get the transport to happen. There is nothing that can stop us from making this happen. We have had to drive over lawns during ridiculous traffic, we have had police escorts, and we have had to knock over signs to ensure proper delivery. You never know what might happen and, in the end, we need to save a life with the package we are delivering.

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Our job is very serious and, with that, we take it very seriously. We are here to save lives, transport what others cannot, and to keep this planet healthy. If you need to contact us, you can reach out via email, phone, or even come in and see us personally. Otherwise, your health station or insurance may help you obtain our services in order to get what you need.

We Pride Ourselves To Deliver

We pride ourselves, very much, on our ability to deliver what we say we will deliver. No matter what you need transported and how important it is, we can guarantee you that it will arrive safe and sound to your destination. We may be based in Missouri but we have the capabilities and extensions to go around the world for you.
We handle THOUSANDS of trips each year and are able to handle many more with our evergrowing staff and services. We find that many people enjoy the way we do business and look forward to our arrival. Using the best technology and advancements in transportation, we have found ourselves in the middle of an untapped niche that desperately needs our help. We are very happy with what we have created here and look forward to doing any business with you.

Some great questions about our type of business answered in this video below

In order to help serve you better, it would be best if you have all details available at the time of your call or inquiry.

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