Finding The Solution

Here at EMT Metro we have had our fair share if situations go awol from a broken down bus on the middle of a one way, one lane road to a truck that had a rear axle completely fall off in front of us on the highway. When faced with adversity, we do what we always do – we find a solution and move on towards the goal originally intended.

Look For The Solution

It is very easy to break down in a difficult situation both mentally and physically. We hire the best experts and drivers in the area but we also hire the most mentally stable and most solution capable. In other words, we can find an amazing driver a dime a dozen… what we find it difficult to find are the ones that are able to make solutions on the fly that work while keeping themselves a steady head and optimistic mind.

One example is from last year when one of our buses broke down with no backups available. We run thousands of deliveries each year so our full loaded fleet is constantly on the run; in this case, we were fully booked with no relief transportation. Our driver was also without cell phone service at the time. In this situation, he used his steady head and creative mind to make, yes make, his own solution.

Knowing that our company has an emergency credit card for situations EXACTLY like this, he set out to make this obstacle into a tiny dirt hill. He flagged down another driver on the road, asked them politely if he may use their telephone, and dialed out (after Googling them) a limousine rental company. He told us that he tried many other options first but we don’t need to get into those as we are trying to show a point of solution creation here.

The Solution

He found a limousine rental service, explained to him that he was transporting a non-emergency but time sensitive package and got them the company Credit Card Number. Within an hour, he had a solution show up to the bus and relieve him of the stress that was created from the bus breaking down. Granted, it cost us a little bit of money to make it happen, but HE MADE IT HAPPEN. Money isn’t an issue when a solution is created to a problem.

This is what we call value. He used his own creative idea to make something happen when, most people, would have mentally crumbled and/or ran out of options to try. Not only was his idea a success but it earned him a nice one on one dinner with our CEO to extend to him how proud we were as a company but more importantly, how proud of him we were as fellow humans. He withstood the adversity and made a solution happen on behalf of the company he represents.

Do we hire drivers here? Yes, we do. But we also hire smart, creative, and outside the box thinkers, as well.


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