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Having The Right Technology

When you have an important delivery that needs to be made and time is sensitive and counting down, traffic is the last thing you want to see; especially if you can see how long the line goes ahead of you. When it comes to car accidents, you obviously have to be sensitive to the people involved but you also have to understand that you, too, have a responsibility to finish; delivering that package.

When we are confronted with backed up traffic or an accident creating a backup, we always utilize technology first and foremost from GPS navigation systems to good ole Mr. Google. Now-a-days, with the unlimited amount of apps being created for our smart phones, we have found one amazing app (beside the obvious Google Maps) that has significantly helped our business achieve new heights and reach new goals when confronted with the dreaded traffic demon: Waze.

A Great App For That

Not only is this app amazing for re-routing and helping us get around a problem, but it is a crowd sourced app that has lots of other obstacles listed for you in real time; like obstacles in the roadway or a car pulled off the side of the road. This is done in real time by users of the app and allows them (us) to say if that obstacle is still present or if it has been cleared/cleaned off.

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